Sergey Kir partners with Teasy Lingerie to Launch @ArtYourJourney Campaign

Artist Sergey Kir Launches ArtYourJourney Compaign to Promote Art in our Lives

🎉 Calling all Art and Fashion Enthusiasts! Prepare to be part of a game-changing event that will reshape the realms of both art and fashion! 🌟

📣 You’re cordially invited to the grand unveiling of the “ArtYour Journey” campaign showcase – a global sensation that’s already causing ripples across the world. Save the date for an enthralling evening on September 7th at 7 PM, coinciding with the spectacular Runway 7 Fashion show, a highlight of NY Fashion Week.

🎨 Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring encounter with the visionary Ukrainian-American artist, Sergey Kir, alongside the exquisite Ukrainian lingerie brand, (Ex)teasy Lingerie. Together, they’re poised to rewrite the history of art and fashion. Get ready to witness an unprecedented spectacle that will forever redefine the way we experience fashion shows.

💪 Yet, this event isn’t solely about aesthetics. It’s a resounding response to combat the objectification of women through the powerful medium of art. By intertwining art with our lives, we’re empowering women to reclaim their narratives, challenge detrimental norms, and solidify their unique identities.

🌟 🌍 Seize the opportunity to be part of this monumental moment in the making. Witness the birth of an innovative art and fashion movement (already backed by influencer communities boasting millions of followers). We’re setting an entirely new benchmark for runway showcases and unveiling a revolutionary concept in art exhibitions. The spotlight is shifting from stagnant galleries to the vibrant world of fashion.

🗞️ Keep your eyes peeled for extensive media coverage and captivating conversations surrounding this groundbreaking event. Share the buzz, extend invitations to friends, and unite for an evening that’s poised to make an everlasting impact on the art and fashion landscape. 🌟

SergeyKir x (EX)TEASY Lingerie Present: ‘ArtYourJourney’ – The Fusion of Art and Fashion in a Revolutionary Showcase

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