Engagement Conundrum: Intricate Relationship Between Abstract Art and Viewer

The Engagement Conundrum: The Intricate Relationship Between Abstract Art and the Viewer

Abstract art, with its vibrant tapestry of colors and enigmatic forms, transcends the boundaries of the tangible world, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of perception and contemplation. Yet, lurking beneath the surface of this connection, there exists a subtle yet critical concern – the objectification of the viewer’s experience.

Viewer objectification occurs when the observer is reduced to a passive recipient of aesthetics and becomes a bystander, grazing the surface of the artwork without truly understanding its essence.  When objectified, the viewer may feel like emotional cattle, herded through an art gallery without substance to nourish their intellect or spirit. Such approach can inadvertently make viewers feel disconnected, as they grapple with the seeming incomprehensibility of pure abstraction. Yet, abstract artists attempt to channel their deepest emotions, thoughts, and creativity into their work, transcending the boundaries of the known and the expected. When the viewer is objectified, the artist’s intention, their desire to evoke emotions and provoke thought, may be stifled. The artwork, once a medium for expression, can become a commodity, crafted for mass appeal rather a conduit for authentic artistic exploration.

How can we break free from the constraints of objectification and restore the sanctity of this connection, allowing art to fulfill its role as a catalyst for emotional and intellectual exploration?

One solution lies in embracing the human touch, be it a model, a personal narrative, or the artist’s direct engagement. It offers viewers a bridge from abstraction to understanding context, and invites viewers to partake in the artist’s creative journey.

This human connection rekindles the dialogue between the artist’s soul and the viewer’s consciousness, transcending the boundaries of mere aesthetics. This challenge is precisely what American artist, (Ukrainian-born) Sergey Kir, seeks to address as he prepares on a creative journey to present his abstract art exhibition during NYFW 2023.

Partnering with the Ukrainian lingerie brand, Exteasy lingerie Sergey Kir is set to present a groundbreaking runway art exhibition that promises to be a unique artistic experiment, designed to provide viewers with a model-studded human engagement that will help humanize Sergey Kir’s abstract art.

As art is presented by lingerie-clad fashion models, the idea is to infuse human touch into the artistic narrative, fostering a more profound connection between the viewer and the artwork.

**An Invitation to Explore the Artistic Experiment**

Sergey Kir and Exteasy Lingerie cordially invite you to be a part of this intriguing experiment by joining us for Runway 7 Fashion on September 7th at 7 PM in the prestigious Sony Hall.

Come, be a part of this experiment as Sergey Kir x Exteasy team embarks on their journey to rekindle the profound dialogue between art, artist, and observer in an attempt to transcend the confines of viewer objectification and rediscover the true essence of artistic expression, and to unveil a global campaign #ArtYourJourney @ArtYourJourney

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