KIR Gallery and Sergey Kir release limited edition print series, Art Your Journey

KIR Gallery is excited to introduce the limited edition print series, “Art Your Journey” by artist Sergey Kir. The series features open edition digitally hand-signed and numbered prints by the renowned American artist, Sergey Kir. Widely recognized for his groundbreaking work as a digital artist and graphic designer, Kir has made history by holding exhibitions on fashion runways and founding the Conceptivism art movement. His work generally focuses on cultural and social commentaries on current discourse and pop culture.

The “Art Your Journey” series of works by Sergey Kir, recently lauded by a British art gallery Metropolis Contemporary as “revolutionizing abstraction, ” is the focus of this open edition release. Kir initially showcased these works during NYFW Fall 2023 via the Runway 7 Fashion. The revolutionary exhibition took place at the iconic Sony Hall in New York, in collaboration with the designer brand @Exteasy.Lingerie. That event not only rewrote the history books of art and fashion but also garnered global attention, with close to a million viewers on YouTube. Kir’s groundbreaking show marked a historic moment as the first ever to present a full art exhibition on the fashion runway as the main act, highlighting Kir’s belief that Art and Fashion complete each other.

To further celebrate and promote the release of the open edition digitally hand-signed prints, Sergey Kir is set to perform and exhibit his finest works in three extraordinary shows this February, showcasing the dynamic fusion of art and fashion. These not-to-be-missed events include:

  1. MODELx Showcase On February 7th at 6 pm – [Event Details] (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/787399772917 aff=ebdsshios)
  2. Runway 7 Fashion At Sony Hall on February 9th at 9 pm

Collaborating with designer Donny’s Angel.

  1. Solo Art Retrospective At the Canvas 3.0 gallery in World Trade Center,

presenting Sergey Kir’s retrospective featuring the Fashion and Biblical Series.

Art enthusiasts are invited to immerse themselves in “Art Your Journey” art works experiencing the intersection of art and fashion in a unique and unforgettable way.


About Sergey Kir

Sergey Kir is a unique and innovative artist who has created his own remarkable, new art style, which was coined “Conceptivism.” An ambitious approach to painting, Conceptivism synthesizes technology, art history, analytical methods adopted from quantitative finance. Kir’s compositions are planned using computer algorithms, with strong philosophical and socio-political messages as their underpinnings. His work generally centers around several themes, namely New York City, “the city of peoples’ dreams, abstraction, Biblical stories by his family background and his personal connection to the “Kir” fortress mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and world finance, something he describes as being as much an art as a science.

Art and Fashion = Love and Desire Manifesto

In celebration of the unveiling of these artworks, Kir penned a manifesto, capturing the essence and vision behind this collection and titled it “Art and Fashion = Love and Desire”

In the dissonance of superficiality and excess, we revolt against the fossilized decrees of the fashion aristocracy. Behold the self-inflated icons, presiding over an assembly of intellectual poverty, oblivious to the richness of the 300 years of innovation in Art and Finance. The fashion oligarchy stagnates in the monotonous drone of the runway, where models march in the predictable cadence of solitary conformity. Gone are the days of blind adherence to this sartorial orthodoxy. We, the Fashion and Art futurists, renounce the archaic catwalk rituals. No longer shall models traverse the runway one by one, imprisoned by the chains of conformity.

No longer will the spotlight be solely on showcasing designs as the main act. Our manifesto heralds a rebellion against the mundane, envisioning a future where the very essence of presentation is revolutionized.

Contemporary fashion rituals stand exposed as relics of a bygone era. As we discard the shackles of conventional runway displays, we embrace a kaleidoscopic evolution, where creativity knows no bounds. The relentless march of models becomes a relic of the past, replaced by a dynamic, immersive experience that transcends the mundane confines of the traditional fashion showcase.

Our call echoes through the corridors of couture, challenging the myopic vision that has gripped the industry for too long. The future of Fashion and Art lies not in the footsteps of solitary models but in the rhythmic pulse of innovation, breaking free from the chains that bind us to a monochromatic past. Stand with us, fellow fashion renegades, as we forge a path towards a future where the runway is a canvas of limitless expression, where Art takes center stage in the show, and conformity is but a distant memory.

Sergey Kir the artist that is revolutionising abstraction
Artist Sergey Kir Launches ArtYourJourney Compaign to Promote Art in our Lives

What is Art?

It’s the revelation of the hidden, the timeless and the infinite. Art is the dialogue of the soul, in pursuit of timeless ecstasy, for eternity. Art is the challenge, the change, and the wonder of the world!

What is Fashion?

The industry of the ephemeral, the expression of the now, the rebellious flame, flickering with every fleeting trend. Fashion is the allure of the body, the nudity of the self, the momentous authenthicity of self-revelation.

What is Art and Fashion combined?

It is the unity of the eternal and the fleeting, the soul and the body, the heart and the mind. It is the fusion of vision and reality, the timeless draped in the present, the eternity of immortal and the momentous. it is the language of

### Production of Prints in North America

Prints will be proudly produced in North America, utilizing the skilled labor force of American workers. Our commitment to American quality ensures that each print meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellence.

### Timely Delivery

All orders will be meticulously collected, processed, and produced promptly. Following the conclusion of the edition period on February 25th, prints will be dispatched within a month. This ensures that our customers receive their orders in a timely manner, allowing them to enjoy their artwork in a timely manner.