Invitation to the Art and Fashion Show by Sergey Kir

Dear Gallery Owners, Influencers, Art and Fashion lovers, Fashionistas,
We’re thrilled to invite you to a game-changing movement that will be presented on the event at the NY Fashion Week! Sergey Kir’s concept art exhibition is a revolutionary blend of art and fashion, highlighting a new era where art takes the spotlight on the fashion runway!

Witness Art as Fashion-Forward Expression
Discover Art as the Antidote: Elevating Feminine Identity Through Art
Rediscover Abstract Art Through Human Touch: A Solution to Viewer Objectification Through Human Connection

Join us to witness the birth of a new movement! Embrace the intrigue!

Link for tickets:

Date: September 7th, 2023
Time: 7pm
Location: Sony Hall – Runway 7 Fashion

General Idea:



Problem Statement:

Two significant challenges confronting humanity are:

  1. the objectification of women and
  2. the tendency to objectify the viewer’s experience of abstract art.

The objectification of women perpetuates harmful norms, reducing their identities to mere objects of desire and undermining their intrinsic value. This pervasive issue hampers societal progress and the realization of gender equality.

Interestingly, abstract art and its viewership can intercede positively in this dynamic. Women can find empowerment in aligning themselves with art—by integrating it into their lives, fashion, and digital presence. This synergistic relationship can offer a dual pathway for change: as abstract art gains a more authentic and experiential dimension, women can reclaim their humanity by expressing themselves through artistic mediums, fostering a culture of empowerment and self-definition.

Similarly, the objectification of the viewer’s experience in abstract art, where some claim that a viewer is reduced to a mere expressive source that produces human emotions, can hinder the appreciation of its true essence. In this case, the introduction of a human touch, particularly a feminine gesture, holds the potential to enrich and enhance comprehension.

By infusing the abstraction with the tangible presence of a human hand, the intricate layers and emotions within the artwork can be made more accessible. This tactile connection bridges the gap between the intangible nature of abstraction and our innate human need for connection and interpretation.

The inclusion of a feminine influence brings a distinct perspective, nurturing a sense of empathy and understanding that allows abstract art to flourish beyond the confines of mere visual observation. In this way, the interplay between the abstract and the human touch becomes a conduit for deeper engagement and resonance.

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How can we break free from the constraints of objectification and restore the sancticity of this connection


Manifesto of Unifying Expressions: A Vision of Societal Liberation

In the neon-lit metropolis of tomorrow, a group of visionary artists, designers, and activists gathered in a clandestine gallery, seeking to redefine societal paradigms.

Amidst pulsating beats and swirling colors, an abstract artist and fierce advocates for women’s rights serendipitously collided. As they exchanged ideas, an epiphany struck like lightning – fusing the captivating allure of a lingerie model with the liberating essence of abstract art. Thus, a manifesto of unifying expressions was born, revolutionizing the future’s perception of beauty and human identity.

Our goals:

  1. Challenging Assumptions: In the realm of aesthetic revolution, the fusion of incongruous elements appears as a potent weapon against stagnant ideologies. Behold the harmonious convergence of the lingerie model and abstract art! A revolution is sparked in how we perceive women and artistic experiences. Together, they forge an audacious alliance that dismantles antiquated perceptions of womanhood and artistic expression.
  2. Empowerment and Agency: As lingerie model is transformed from an object of shallow desire into a sovereign entity of boundless dimensions, she transcends the shackles of objectification, embracing the entirety of her being and dictating her narrative. Abstract art becomes a mirror for her self-expression, a declaration of emancipation from objectification.
  3. Redefining Beauty and Aesthetics: In this revolution of perception, the rigid contours of beauty dissolve like ashes in the wind. Abstract art celebrates a kaleidoscope of forms, defying the conformity of established aesthetics. Paired with the lingerie model, this union challenges the monotonous creed of beauty, eulogizing the myriad expressions that dance in the tapestry of existence.
  4. Fostering Dialogue: Behold the provocateurs of discourse! As conversations surge like torrents, unearthing the roots of objectification, they divide the impact of culture and art on the human psyche. The seeds of transformation shall sprout from that.
  5. Encouraging Critical Reflection: Embrace the disturbing mirror this union holds before society’s deceiving face! The viewer, cast as both observer and observed, is forced to reflect on her/his complicity in the mechanisms of objectification, paving the way for profound metamorphosis.

In the show of our alliance, an embodiment of revolution emerges.  We besiege the fortress of objectification, heralding the dawn of a new aesthetic era. Let this manifesto resound, beckoning the avant-garde spirits of tomorrow to embrace the transformative power of subversive synthesis!


As the revolutionary idea emerged, a euphoric wave engulfed the gathering of visionaries, electrifying the air with palpable excitement. Eyes gleamed with newfound hope, hearts soared with joy, and a chorus of laughter and amusement filled the room.

In that transformative moment, the weight of societal constraints lifted, replaced by an intoxicating sense of liberation. Embracing the fusion of the lingerie model and abstract art, we glimpsed a future where beauty knew no bounds, and human experiences flowed freely in an ocean of unbound perspectives.

List of Works

Image Name Description Price
new jerusalem Crystalized New York – NYFW2023

30  by 30

Vision of the City
In this work Kir explores the interconnectedness of 2 visions of the city – the abstracted New York skyline that was seen initially by many immigrants through centuries, as the vision of New Jerusalem – the Promised land.

The idea of yearning for a return to the homeland and of finding a new homeland is implied in the phrase “next year in Jerusalem”, that is sang and repeated by Hebrews at the end of the Passover Seder, and serves as a reminder of living in exile.

For Kir, New York initially become an exile when he emigrated to the USA in 1994 as a refugee. But slowly that vision morphed into the new vision of New York as a new homeland and a new place to be.

The layered silhouette of NYC in this work is symbolic of the life’s experiences and dramas of living in NYC as an immigrant.  This work is a celebration of finding a new home and a new life and a new destiny in a foreign land that with time becomes loved and cherished.  It becomes the Promised land for those that have the courage and vision.


Dream Dream

25 by 35

Dreamer’s vision is presented after watching a how O at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegal

Metamorphosis of a dream Metamorphosis of a Dream

35 by 25

From the review by Metropolis Contemporary gallery in London:

The digital painting “Metamorphosis of a Dream” for example, is an introspective work that explores the subconscious, a recurring theme of the 20th century’s Avant-garde, especially Surrealism. But it approaches the subject not only from a psychological perspective, it actually portraits the mind of the dreamer. The different layers, forms and lines are the depiction of the brain’s neural activities, they highlight the multiple visions that occur during a dream. The colours play a pivotal role in the construction of the image. The cold palette that ranges from lilac to turquoise and mint creates a dreamlike atmosphere, whilst the purple, red, orange and yellow solid colors create interferences and therefore activate a reaction in the viewer’s brain. As Kandinksy theorized in his “Concernig the spiritual in art” colors on the painter’s palette evoke a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye and a spiritual effect in which the colour touches the soul itself. This is precisely what Sergey Kir achieves through this artwork. Moreover, through his unique techniques, the artist is able to create fluid forms that accompany the eye of the viewer in a pleasant and reassuring exploration of the whole image. The combination of shades and shapes create a dynamic surface on the canvas that results in an enchanting optical energy. This painting is the perfect example of Sergey Kir’s Conceptivism, an art form that aims to elevate the visual art aesthetics to a much higher degree and to engage the spectator on a much deeper level by triggering many of their senses and emotions.

Unexpected Parlay Unexpected Parlay

25 by 35

Unexpected Parlay” – life’s spontaneous interplay is highlighted, echoing the philosophy of a whimsical existence and the unpredictable path we traverse. A life is injected into the abstract concept of a random walk, inviting viewers to ponder the intricate dance of chance and circumstance that shapes our journey

Consuming Fire Consuming Fire

40 by 30

“Consuming Fire” made in an abstract, neo-contemporary style is the depiction of the Consuming Fire, a detailed meticulously done work that, as Kir explains, is inspired by the Biblical story of the spies, which Kir believes to be one of the most dramatic and illogical stories of the entire Bible. The work is referring to the story when, after miraculously escaping from Egypt, and after wandering for 12 months in the desert, the 12 tribes of Israel are finally on the banks of the river Jordan, ready to cross into the promised land, and send 12 spies into the land of Canaan to see what awaits them. The spies are coming back and 10 out of 12 claiming that crossing the river, to occupy the land, would be a suicide mission for Israelites, because Canaanites are powerful and strong. They suggest Israel return back to Egypt or face destruction and annihilation.

The spies advise the return after for 12 months or wondering in the desert, when Almighty provided food, shelter, and protection from the wild beasts and snakes in the desert, performed miracles to convince the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, and even made the waters of the Red Sea(Sea of Reeds) to split, allowing for a safe passage. And it is at this point that Moses pleads that God Almighty is the Consuming Fire, and will help Israelites, as He did many times before and that they must, after going through so much pain and suffering, cross the river and complete the mission they set to do despite the possible losses they may face. Yet, the tribes still refuse and that is when they are set for 40 more years of wandering in the desert, until all members of the generation that suggested the return are gone.


In “Consuming Fire,” Kir  sought to encapsulate the ethereal essence of fire as both a transformative Biblical symbol and a philosophical concept. The rendering breathes with an intensity reminiscent of Moses’ encounter with Most High, where the flames both beckon and consume. The artwork ignites introspection, inviting viewers to ponder the paradox of destruction and renewal inherent in fire’s embrace.

Moring Routine Transformative Power

35 by 20

“Transformative Power” unveils the quiet struggle of existence through mundane actions, subtly echoing Nietzsche’s notions of the eternal recurrence.  It is contemplative reminder of life’s cyclical nature and the transformative power hidden within the ordinary.

Boathouse Boathouse

25 by 35

In this rendering, I sought to capture the essence of a boat house nestled within a tranquil park, an oasis where reality and reverie harmoniously intertwine. The boat house stands as a metaphorical threshold between the conscious and the subconscious.

The boat house, perched at the water’s edge, emerges as a bridge between these realms, embodying the philosophy of transcendence advocated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Ultimately, this work is about the duality of existence, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in interplay between the structured industrial boat house and the untamed wilderness beyond.

La Follia inspired by Vivaldi’s masterpiece La Follia inspired by Vivaldi’s masterpiece

35 by 25.

“LA Folia” gracefully dances on the edge of comprehension, its abstract strokes a whisper of Mozart’s brilliance and Popper’s challenges to certainty. Within its enigmatic embrace, the elusive interplay of fleeting ideas takes flight, leaving behind a trail of mystery for those who dare to explore its depths.

manhattan birds eye view Manhattan Bird’s Eye View

25 by 35

Loneliness is New York’s leitmotif. This feeling is palpable everywhere in New York City—a place filled with 8 million people, many of whom are immigrants and transplants. Streets of New York are full of people from all walks of life going about their business, not paying attention of what everyone else is doing, speaking many different languages. This bizarre symbolic Tower of Babel is a constant struggle: one day, the city can fascinate, the next, it can be felt as energy draining beast. So many people here are focused on money or their careers. It often feels like no one has any energy left for emotional conversation, for relationships. Although it isn’t difficult to find company, many of the interactions new-yorkers have with each other are empty and meaningless. It’s easy to be lonely and anonymous in a city like this and, ironically, one can feel that more than anywhere, but on Times Square, while being constantly surrounded by huge crowds.
Yes, there are some people who in pursuit of their dreams, inspire others and give the city a touch of humanity. Like a high-wire artist Philippe Petit, who on 7th of August 1974 performed an unauthorized high-wire crossing between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and became a symbol of the free-spirited daring aspiration that draw people to New York. He was later celebrated by New York and given a free lifetime pass to the Twin Tower’s Observation Desk.

Kir imagined how Philippe Petit would see New York if his daring act had been done at night.

exciting reality tv show Another Episode of an Exciting Reality TV Show

14 by 40

In “Another Episode of an Exciting/Boring Reality TV Show”, Kir again is reinterpreting the biblical idea that God is omnipresent and continuously watches over our lives and actions. NYC city (viewed from the Governor Island, it seems) is shown as a stage/set where individuals are performing in their self-chosen and self-directed reality TV shows, as the set is engrossed into the networks of interconnected neuro-grids, presumably transforming the information, thoughts, desires and prayers of individuals to the Creator. The piece is speculating that the Almighty, perhaps having grabbed a bag of popcorn, or a glass of wine, is continuously watching how moral dilemmas humans face affect our thoughts, judgements, and, ultimately, actions. The title of the work also seems to underlines Kir’s concern that we are to try to make each of our own reality TV shows, a more interesting and exhilarating experience for the Creator, injecting suspense, resourcefulness, agility and ability to overcome trauma and pain.

Dreams by the Rivers of Waters Song of Songs

35 by 25

“Dreams by the Rivers of Water” is alluding to one of the most poetic books in the Bible – the Song of Songs full of sensual and erotic poetry. There are discussions as to what that book means and what is it doing in a Bible, but Kir’s interpretation seems to appeal to its direct meaning of a sensual context with fleeting curves and abstract and frivolous shapes of different undertone completed in a pink and magenta palette of colors, underlying the suggestiveness of the work. It is not 100% clear where the title connects to the image, however Kir claims that if you look at the painting from a particular point of view you will see a man, leaning over a book (of sensual poetry as Kir claims) with the streams of water running under his shape, with sensual female form looming over him. Kir suggests that we are to explore the meaning of the work and to find our own interpretations of it, including, among other things, but turning the wok over its center in 360 degrees.