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Hiltop Art Exhibit In November 2022
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Sergey Kir is a Ukrainian born American digital artist, graphic designer. He is known for using various mediums in creating socio-political works that make cultural and social commentaries on existing discourse and pop culture. British art gallery recently called his Abstract Series as “revolutionizing abstraction”. Kir is credited with launching a new movement of Conceptivism, which had an inaugural exhibition during a group show at Agora gallery – Unbound Perspectives. Kir was born in Zhytomyr, Ukraine and currently resides in New York

Inspiration to Become an Artist

Kir has been doodling and drawing for many years, but credits jeff Koons for his inspiration to seriously consider becoming an artist. Kir said: “In 2014 I was going through some personal soul searching. My corporate office was located across from MOMA in New York, and to take my mind off and recharge, I visited the museum few days a week – for lunch and to see special programs, etc. Then one day in 2014 I attended a retrospective of Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum of American Art (before the museum was relocated to Chelsea) and was fascinated to learn that Koons was also working in finance before becoming a famous artist, and spent 3 years working in MOMA at the front desk, where I was now a weekly visitor”.

Similarities with the great American artist intrigued Kir and the idea to become an artist materialized. Kir started painting and experimenting until he developed his unique art style and launched a movement of Conceptivism.

Weekly Project

Kir started his weekly art project after meeting and getting encouragement from Beeple (Mike Winklemann). His weekly project involves creating a piece of art 1-2 a week.

Intro Video: https://youtu.be/3D_ovClc_zI


Instagram: sergey_kir_art
Webpage:  www.sergeykir.com

Abstract Series Revolutionizes Abstraction

Sergey Kir the artist that is Revolutionising Abstraction

Information about Conceptivism:

Sergey Kir Conceptivism Art technology

Information about the artistic process

Conceptivism Sergey Kir – Agora Gallery


Conceptivism is an innovative approach to painting developed by Kir in 2016. This new art movement blends together different inspirations and techniques from art history and recent technological advancements, incorporating computer digital design techniques in the creative process. The exhibition “Unbound Perspectives”[1] held at Agora GalleryNew York City, in 2016, can be considered the inaugural show of Conceptivism.

Technique and style

Conceptivism originated from Kir’s fascination for vivid colors and computer generated graphics and design techniques. Natural inspiration for the creation of the style came from the works of the artists of Fauvism, who tried to capture and paint the transformations of light in paintings (most notably Matisse).

Further influence materialized from Kir’s former financial and technology education and backgrounds, which fuelled the desire to create an art style that would incorporate computer digital designs techniques and features of financial modeling into the creative process. Other influences were from the work of the artists of the Russian and Italian Futurism movements that celebrated speed, technology, modern industrial progress and which conceived, among other things, the concept of “Zaum”, and argued that art must reach outside of barriers of language.

Finally, the work of American artists of Pop Art movement (most notably Roy Lichtenstein) as well as approach and ambition of Jeff Koons, influenced the meticulous approach and detailing of Conceptivism, as well as the predilection for scale and scope.

Many of the works incorporate typical setups of a financial quantitative model, with its limits and goals, paths and parameters, as well as subject representations identified, and the model is then set to run within a degree of freedom to produce visual representations.

The model generates an image or components of an image through computer generated “magic”, with artist becoming the final approver of the ultimate visual form, which then can be used as a final product or as an intermediate step in creation of the final piece. Any number of model runs can be repeated until the artist is completely satisfied with the final output.

With Conceptivism, Kir attempts to incorporate a self-synthesizing impression of art. Just as Walter Gropius, the first Director of the Bauhaus, believed that mass production was reconcilable with the individual artistic spirit and developed the idea of creating a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, comprehensive artwork, in which all the arts would eventually be brought together, Kir reconciles individual creativity with digital technologies aiming to incorporate various forms of artistic expression, drama, emotional motivations and philosophical ideas in a single art piece. The idea of “Gesamtkunstwerk”, when applied to modern technological and industrial state, becomes Conceptivism.

Conceptivism is intended to further the legacy of the 20th century’s Avantgarde and to open a new chapter in Western art history. Kir’s disruptive techniques adds another perspective to the debate around the interaction between human activities and machine optimisation in the creative industry.

Even though the process allows a certain level of freedom to the program, it is the artist that sets the framework for the computer to work and ultimately intervenes to complete the final image regaining total control over the outcome. Conceptivism celebrates both the idea, as a manifestation of the artist’s genius, and the aesthetic as a medium to engage with the viewer and connect with them on a deeper level[2].

Art career

Biblical Series – Kir has been an avid lover of the Biblical texts and narratives for many years, and his first art series was Biblical to commemorate the inspiration that he believed he received.

In this series Kir produced an abstract representation of various stories from the Bible and the Torah, using modern digital editing tools in his the style of Conceptivism

The most interesting places of the New York City are depicted In New York series. Kir believes that New York is the city of peoples’ dreams and aspirations, where one can reinvent oneself, change one’s destiny, and create new reality. Kir believes he was able to do just that, after immigrating to the US, New York from Ukraine in the 1994, and without an at degree becoming an artist.

Kir’s New York series was inspired by the famous 15 hour New York historical documentary which he watched several times. The opening of the documentary was particularly fascinating for Kir: “New York was founded, at the dawn of the modern age, when London and Paris were 1500 years old, Rome and Beijing were 2000 years old, and Jerusalem was 4000 years old. And yet, fascinatingly, in the centuries to come, what started as a tiny colony at the far end of civilization, would rise as the greatest city in the world, the cultural and business center of the world, and the supreme laboratory of modern life”.  From Kir’s point of view, New York is an endless inspiration for creativity, but also his home with all the dear and favorite places.

In American Riot/Pandemic series Kir is referring to the theory of political progress, first formulated by German philosopher Hegel, who stated the dialectic principle of the development of the world that is always based on moves from one extreme to another, before the right balance is found.

For Kir, the Summer of 2020 protests that lead to many violent outbreaks and destructions, as well as the violent Capitol Riot that led to the siege of Capitol, for the first time in 200 years, were good examples of thesis and antithesis extreme moves, that Hegel introduced, and that should eventually lead to synthesis – a balanced development.

In 2019 Kir introduced his Fashion series which he started after attending multiple fashion shows during NYFW. He was fascinated by the creative talent of many designers produced the Fashion series which celebrates the duality of the Fashion business, that combines an Industry and a Dream. These 2 parallel universes, for Kir, produce duality of visions form an artistic point of view:

#1: the world of glamour, limelight that draws people with its shimmering lights and sparkles of celebrity, #2: the underwater world of sleepless nights, hard work, pain and suffering of designers and creators, who spend days and nights to create the Dream, yet operate in the Industry with strict demanding conditions and corporate culture.

In 2020 – 2022 Kir collaborated with many fashion designers to produce the body of works that incorporated the designs and ideas used in clothing.  In 2023 Kir completed few commercial projects including a decoration of Matchpoint Sports club.  His NFTs were sold in many different platforms including LootNFT.io and Musae.art.

Notable Projects

Here we highlight some of the significant accomplishments that have shaped Sergey Kir’s artistic journey. Through a blend of creativity, dedication, and innovative thinking, these endeavors have left a distinctive mark on various artistic realms.

1. Fashion Art Series on LootNFT

Fashion artOne of the noteworthy milestones in Sergey Kir’s career was the creation of a captivating series of fashion-inspired artworks, showcased on the art platform LootNFT.

The fusion of traditional artistic techniques with cutting-edge blockchain technology resulted in a collection that garnered attention from a diverse audience. This project demonstrated Sergey’s ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between art and technology, reaching art enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals alike.

2. Artistic Transformation of MatchPoint Sports Club

Sergey Kir undertook a transformative project by adorning the entirety of the MatchPoint Sports Club with his signature artworks. Through carefully curated pieces, the sports club underwent a metamorphosis into a space where athleticism met aesthetic inspiration. Sergey’s artistic touch added a touch of vibrancy and creativity, creating an environment that motivated club members to excel both physically and artistically.

3. Participation in Major Exhibitions

Sergey Kir’s dedication to artistic growth was evident through his active participation in major exhibitions around the world. These platforms provided opportunities to showcase his thought-provoking pieces to a diverse audience.

This engagement with art enthusiasts, collectors , and fellow artists fostered meaningful conversations and the exchange of ideas. Sergey’s contributions enriched the art community while underscoring his commitment to pushing his creative boundaries.

4. Iconic Building Decoration in Manhattan

Sergey Kir’s artistic vision extended to the heart of Manhattan, where he undertook the decoration of a prominent building. This project seamlessly integrated his creativity with the urban landscape, resulting in an art piece that captivated amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. The decoration served as a testament to Sergey’s ability to create art that resonates within diverse environments.

5. Art your Journey

Sergey Kir is the first artist to bring his art collection officially as a designer onto the major stage of Runway 7 Fashion brand during New York Fashion Week. The idea that is most interesting in that project is that art will help women as a solution against objectification.

Each project outlined on this page reflects Sergey Kir’s dedication to his craft and his ability to bring artistic visions to life. By exploring the intersections of art, technology, sports, and urban environments, Sergey continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, leaving an indelible impact on the art world. Explore these projects as a testament to the power of imagination, innovation, and artistic exploration.

Artistic Transformation of MatchPoint Sports Club