KIR Gallery and Sergey Kir release limited edition print series, Art Your Journey

KIR Gallery is excited to introduce the limited edition print series, “Art Your Journey” by artist Sergey Kir. The series features open edition digitally hand-signed and numbered prints by the renowned American artist, Sergey Kir. Widely recognized for his groundbreaking work as a digital artist and graphic designer, Kir has made history by holding exhibitions on fashion runways and founding […]

Engagement Conundrum: Intricate Relationship Between Abstract Art and Viewer

Abstract art, with its vibrant tapestry of colors and enigmatic forms

Sergey Kir partners with Teasy Lingerie to Launch @ArtYourJourney Campaign

Calling all Art and Fashion Enthusiasts! Prepare to be part of a game-changing event

Sergey Kir: the artist that is revolutionising abstraction

Throughout the centuries, artists have led social progress by pushing the boundaries of culture and by translating their contemporaneity into their work

Conceptivism And The Art of Technology

Conceptivism is a new style of art that was coined by artist Sergey Kir. The style utilizes several different ideas and techniques taken from art history and recent technological advancements. It creates a bridge between the old and the new. Incorporating computer digital design techniques, features of financial modeling, and a love for vivid color and art history, Conceptivism is […]

A Rising Star in Digital Art Launched His Digital Celebration Art Series

The Celebration collection on is an NFT digital art set, which consists primarily of Kir’s curated works from the Fashion series that he created under the inspiration and in collaboration with the fashion designers, he witnessed during NYFW shows by Flying Solo, FDLA, and other sponsors of the NYFW. NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES – April 25, 2022 – Sergey […]

Sergey Kir

Kir has been doodling and drawing for many years, but credits jeff Koons for his inspiration to seriously consider becoming an artist. Kir said: “In 2014 I was going through some personal soul searching. My corporate office was located across from MOMA in New York, and to take my mind off and recharge, I visited the museum few days a week – for lunch and to see special programs, etc. Then one day in 2014 I attended a retrospective of Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum of American Art (before the museum was relocated to Chelsea) and was fascinated to learn that Koons was also working in finance before becoming a famous artist

Biblical Series – Kir has been an avid lover of the Biblical texts and narratives for many years, and his first art series was Biblical to commemorate the inspiration that he believed he received.

In this series Kir produced an abstract representation of various stories from the Bible and the Torah, using modern digital editing tools in his the style of Conceptivism.

The most interesting places of the New York City are depicted In New York series. 

About Artist

Sergey Kir is a Ukrainian born American digital artist, graphic designer. He is known for using various mediums in creating socio-political works that make cultural and social commentaries while using pop culture. British art gallery, recently called his Abstract Series as “revolutionizing abstraction. Kir is credited with launching a new movement of Conceptivism , which had an inaugural exhibition during a group show at Agora gallery – Unbound Perspectives. 

Kir has a daily art project, which is inspired by Beeple’s “Everydays”.